Hello Tom,

I can’t give you the location of Moyle Cottage in Newtownstewart, but it would 
have been close by the River Moyle, perhaps in Moyle Glebe townland. Referring 
to Ardstraw: Historical Survey of a Parish – Canon John H. Gebbie (Strule 
Press, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, 1968)
Page 108
......Between 300-400 names eminent in professions, educated in this parish. It 
contains a Dean of Maynooth, several Rectors in the clerical section. Of 
medicals, three who have won the honour of knighthood. “And all this from a 
parish whose only resources are agricultural, whose gentry are few, and where 
the average size of farms is under 20 acres of but middling land.”
A brief selection of these names: Sir Thomas MacClear, astronomer Royal and 
Cape of Good Hope, friend and adviser of David Livingstone. His uncle, Doctor 
Sir George MacClear . Both born in a cottage at Moyle........

Hope this helps,
Len Swindley, Melbourne. Australia

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I have seen many references for famous people of Newtownstewart coming from 
Moyle Cottage.  This includes the famous astronomer Sir Thomas Maclear and 
other Sir xxx Magrath.  My interest is that Martha Maclear (Sir Thomas Maclear 
brother) married my 3rd Great Grandfather John Chambers.
So, does anyone know where Moyle Cottage is/was and who then was Moyle?
Tom Chambers

Names in eminent professions, educated in this parish. It contains a Dean of 
Maynooth, several Recotrs in the clerical section. Of -
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