Hello Tom,

Here is a little further information that will be of benefit to you during tour 
trip to Newtownstewart, Ardstraw parish, Co. Tyrone:

Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Parish of County Tyrone 1, 1821, 1823, 
1831-36 (Vol. 5) (eds) Day & McWilliams (Institute of Irish Studies, The 
Queen’s University of Belfast, (1990)
Memoir by John Fleming Tait & J. Hill Williams, January 1831 pp. 2-14
Ardstraw corn mill, in the townland of Milltown, , in good repair, erected in 
1740, repaired in 1835, proprietor John Chambers, breast wheel 14 feet by 14 
inches, diameter of cog wheel 7 feet, fall of water 8 feet, single geared, 
wooden machinery; water supplied by the outlet of Lough Catherine, works only 
three months in the year
(I recall in one of my previous items sent to you there being a reference to 
John Chambers occupying an office in Newtownstewart).

I wish you an enjoyable foray in and around Newtownstewart and hope we can have 
a report of your findings and perhaps some photos?
All good wishes,
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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While looking up the St Eugene’s graveyard, I came upon the boundaries of Moyle 
Glebe townland.  Here is the link:

Also, a while back I discovered this link via google.  
It is a government link.  It makes reference to the location of “Moyle House”.  
 The site doesn’t seem to know the significance of Moyle House.  I checked and 
it is within Moyle Glebe, and it fits the description of where Sir Thomas 
Maclear was born.

I believe it might have been where the Rev James Thomas Maclear (his father) 
lived.  Here are some of the references to Moyle Cottage:
It is where Sir Thomas Maclear (the Rev’s son) saw his first light.  Was born.
It is where Sir Thomas Maclear’s mother, Mary McGrath, died.

Anyway, just a bit of trivia.

When we go to Newtownstewart in June I will check it out.  (promise not to 

Oh by the way, the significance to me is that my 3rd Great Grandmother, Martha 
(Maclear) Chambers was a daughter of the Rev James Thomas Maclear.

Meanwhile, I have the location of St Eugene’s Graveyard.

Thanks Len and Carmen for your ideas on Moyle Cottage.


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