're Lough Catherine. This is part of the estate of the Duke of Abercorn and is 
near Newtownstewart in Co Tyrone.

The Lough is the largest of 3 on the estate at 91 acres and was named after the 
daughter if an earlier Duke.

Arnie Ross

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After looking closer at your reference to the Ardstraw corn mill it says 
townland Milltown, not the village Milltown.  So I found townland Milltown 
which is by Strabane.  My sister found this link to mills in Northern Ireland 
(pretty complete!)
After looking at that, I am uncertain where the Ardstraw corn mill would have 
been.  For one thing, I could not find Lough Catherine.  Ideas?


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Yes Tom,

John Chambers would have required another trade or calling to see the family 
through those months that the mill wasn’t working. Linen merchants were in 
abundance in the north-west and he would have traded at the market in Strabane. 
My 4th and 5th great grandfathers were linen merchants in Strabane c1760-1822; 
the linen industry waxed and waned every seven or so years and it was necessary 
to have other talents. My 4th g-grandfather was also a schoolmaster at Lifford, 
Co. Donegal in the 1790s.

Enjoy your holiday in Newtownstewart.

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Hello Len,

Thanks for this exiting new information regarding John Chambers and the corn 
mill in Milltown.  I see it is very close to Newtownstewart, so we will 
definitely check it out.  You have a good memory, because John and Martha lived 
on Upper St (now Main Street) and had an office next door, I believe.  In her 
interment papers, his daughter (Mary Ann) listed John’s occupation as Linen 
Merchant.  So perhaps that was the purpose of the office.  Sounds like John 
dabbled in other things!

Yes, I will give a report with photos when I get back.  We will be staying in 
Newtownstewart for two nights – much to explore in a relatively short time!

Thanks again for all the time you spend on Tyrone ancestry.

Tom Chambers

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Hello Tom,

Here is a little further information that will be of benefit to you during tour 
trip to Newtownstewart, Ardstraw parish, Co. Tyrone:

Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Parish of County Tyrone 1, 1821, 1823, 
1831-36 (Vol. 5) (eds) Day & McWilliams (Institute of Irish Studies, The 
Queen’s University of Belfast, (1990)
Memoir by John Fleming Tait & J. Hill Williams, January 1831 pp. 2-14
Ardstraw corn mill, in the townland of Milltown, , in good repair, erected in 
1740, repaired in 1835, proprietor John Chambers, breast wheel 14 feet by 14 
inches, diameter of cog wheel 7 feet, fall of water 8 feet, single geared, 
wooden machinery; water supplied by the outlet of Lough Catherine, works only 
three months in the year
(I recall in one of my previous items sent to you there being a reference to 
John Chambers occupying an office in Newtownstewart).

I wish you an enjoyable foray in and around Newtownstewart and hope we can have 
a report of your findings and perhaps some photos?
All good wishes,
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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While looking up the St Eugene’s graveyard, I came upon the boundaries of Moyle 
Glebe townland.  Here is the link:

Also, a while back I discovered this link via google.  
It is a government link.  It makes reference to the location of “Moyle House”.  
 The site doesn’t seem to know the significance of Moyle House.  I checked and 
it is within Moyle Glebe, and it fits the description of where Sir Thomas 
Maclear was born.

I believe it might have been where the Rev James Thomas Maclear (his father) 
lived.  Here are some of the references to Moyle Cottage:
It is where Sir Thomas Maclear (the Rev’s son) saw his first light.  Was born.
It is where Sir Thomas Maclear’s mother, Mary McGrath, died.

Anyway, just a bit of trivia.

When we go to Newtownstewart in June I will check it out.  (promise not to 

Oh by the way, the significance to me is that my 3rd Great Grandmother, Martha 
(Maclear) Chambers was a daughter of the Rev James Thomas Maclear.

Meanwhile, I have the location of St Eugene’s Graveyard.

Thanks Len and Carmen for your ideas on Moyle Cottage.


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