Dear List
In my search for WOOLAGHAN and similar names from County Tyrone I have mainly 
focussed in the areas around Castlederg as that is where the greatest 
concentration lies.

But there is a townland called Killywoolaghan in Ardboe parish, Co Tyrone and a 
Samuel WOOLAGHAN leased 8 acres of land including a house and office from the 
Trustees of John Mackey at Killywoolaghan, parish of Ardboe, County Tyrone in 
1860. Map reference 38.

He continuously occupied this property until 1898, when the reference to the 
occupiers changes to 'Reps', perhaps meaning representatives, and indicating 
that he may have died.  The next change occurs in 1921 when the occupier is 
changed to Ezekiel Watters.

I am wondering if anyone might be able to advise me whether there are any 
church records still in existence for this area, and if so, where we might be 
able to locate them?  When we visited briefly last year the closet church we 
found was St Michaels Church of Ireland in Clonoe, whose sign said had been 
established from 1431, but it was all locked up.

I’d like to try and see whether this Samuel WOOLAGHAN had any family.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes
Fiona Harris
Perth, Western Australia

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