Samuel Whan’s  death at age 101 years in 1896 wasn’t too difficult to find 
and it ties in with the change of occupancy in the Revaluation Book; just a 
process of elimination.

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Haha!  Thanks Len.  I’ll now stop browsing through the Catholic film I found on 
Familysearch!  I was only up to page 14 of 280 so you have saved me a heap of 
Thank you so much – its unbelievable isn’t it, that the error persisted for so 
long.  I am amazed!
How did you find the death?
I don’t suppose Whan could be an abbreviation for Woolaghan, W’han???
Best wishes

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Hello all,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here folks, but a little research reveals 
that the Samuel Woolaghan recorded at Killywoolaghan, Ardboe parish, Co. Tyrone 
in Griffiths Valuation was actually WHAN. Yes, these things have  happened 
elsewhere i.e. my research into Kilpatricks in Leckpatrick parish in north 
Tyrone where they have been recorded variously since the 1660s as Leckpatrick, 
McIlpatrick and Kirkpatrick.

The Whans of Killywoolaghan were Catholics whereas all other Whan marriage 
registrations in Cookstown registration district were Presbyterian except for 
one Methodist marriage.

The Samuel Woolaghan recorded c1860 in Griffiths Valuation died December 1896 
aged 101 years, the informant was his son, James Whan. It seems that the error 
in Griffiths was self perpetuating in each of the revaluation books. Such are 
the challenges of Irish genealogical research...........

Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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Thank you so much for this Boyd.  It is really appreciated.

No I am not specifically looking for a Samuel, but we have been looking around 
the Castlederg area since I started researching 18 years ago – so I thought I 
should perhaps have a look at Killywoolaghan, and if there is a Woolaghan from 
Killywoolaghan so much the better!

Thank you so much for the reference numbers for the parish records, and also 
for having a look at the other resources for me.  In one way its great having 
such an unusual name to research, but in another its very frustrating!

I live in Western Australia – and I had my trip to Castlederg last year with my 
wonderful cousins who I found through DNA testing.  I’ll have to see if they 
are able to visit PRONI for us.

Best wishes

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Hi Fiona,

Reps usually does mean the person died and the property awaiting settlement.  I 
checked for a will but there was none.

No children born to Samuel Woolaghan at RootsIreland anywhere in Ireland.  RI 
only has two Woolaghan births in Tyrone, both early 19th century and at Sion 

No marriages to anyone in Ireland whose father was a Samuel Woolaghan.  No 
Woolaghan or Watters born or married with Killywoolaghan as an address.

No deaths for Samuel Woolaghan at any of RI, IrishGenealogy or GRONI.

Samuel is the only Woolaghan in the Parish of Ardboe in the GV.  He is the onlt 
Woolaghan in Ardboe.  There are only ten Woolaghan entries (several being the 
same person, I suspect), and two Woollaghan entries, in the whole of Tyrone, 
all the others being from Urney Parish.

There is only one Woolaghan in Ireland in the Tithe Applotment Books at the 
National Archives website and he is in Co Wicklow.  However, the more spelling 
friendly FamilySearch website has 14, most spelled Woolahan, but none in Co 

These are the church records available for the Parish of Arboe and may all be 
viewed at PRONI, a much easier propect than bearding the clergymen of each 
church for a quick peek:

C.I. Arboe (Armagh diocese)
Baptisms, 1775-1813 and 1824-71; marriages, 1773-
1812 and 1824-45; burials, 1776-1813, 1827-1900 and
1905-06; vestry minutes, 1773-1833; list of the poor,
1789 and 1794; census, 1775; confirmation lists, 1775,
1828, 1833, 1837, 1840, 1843, 1870 and 1873; indexes
to baptisms, 1775-1871, and marriages, 1773-1845.
Baptisms, 1871-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1907-;
vestry minutes, 1834-; tithe applotment, 1826; register
of vestrymen, 1870-; preachers’ books, 1845-62 and
MIC583/10; D1278
In local custody
P. Ballygoney
Baptisms, 1848-1937; marriages, 1845-1936;
committee minutes, 1891-1997.
Session minutes, 1850-1915; Committee minutes,
In Presbyterian Historical
R.C. Arboe [or Ardboe] (Archdiocese of Armagh)
Baptisms, 1827-80; marriages, 1827-81. MIC1D/34

Are you actually looking for a Samuel in particular, Fiona?  Because your best 
bet is really Castlederg if it is just the surname you are chasing.  There is 
virtually nothing on poor old Samuel of Killywoolaghan!  (And I suspect a 
Woolaghan of Killywoolaghan is probably a spurious name anyway!)

Sorry I can be of no more help to you.



On 29 April 2018 at 03:22, Fiona Harris 
<<>> wrote:
Dear List
In my search for WOOLAGHAN and similar names from County Tyrone I have mainly 
focussed in the areas around Castlederg as that is where the greatest 
concentration lies.

But there is a townland called Killywoolaghan in Ardboe parish, Co Tyrone and a 
Samuel WOOLAGHAN leased 8 acres of land including a house and office from the 
Trustees of John Mackey at Killywoolaghan, parish of Ardboe, County Tyrone in 
1860. Map reference 38.

He continuously occupied this property until 1898, when the reference to the 
occupiers changes to 'Reps', perhaps meaning representatives, and indicating 
that he may have died.  The next change occurs in 1921 when the occupier is 
changed to Ezekiel Watters.

I am wondering if anyone might be able to advise me whether there are any 
church records still in existence for this area, and if so, where we might be 
able to locate them?  When we visited briefly last year the closet church we 
found was St Michaels Church of Ireland in Clonoe, whose sign said had been 
established from 1431, but it was all locked up.

I’d like to try and see whether this Samuel WOOLAGHAN had any family.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes
Fiona Harris
Perth, Western Australia

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