Your opinion regarding the tasks associated with growing potatoes is 

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Ron's description of the joys of planting and picking potatoes is an excellent 
record of the task and backache involved before mechanisation.  If only more 
people would record their memories like this. 

However most people in early 19th century Ireland were only growing smaller 
quantities for the use of their families, perhaps an acre or two at most, and 
not on a commercial basis.  With families to assist, it was not a particularly 
time consuming task, especially during the growing season in summer.

The insinuation of the opinion you expressed regarding those with an acre or 
two of potatoes is blind to the reality of life in Ireland for the majority of 
the population. Have you considered: the impact of the Penal laws, the absentee 
landlord system, political and legal systems designed to hold people down , 
etc, etc, etc. History is not something that we can pick and chose from to 
support our position.  To do so is to build barriers and to carry into the 
future that upon which the sins of the past were founded.  
Patrick J. Logan (Lagan) 

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