What do you mean make them Y67?I have done my Armstrong DNA on Family tree DNA. 
 I am kit 566581.  I am in the Old Scottish Group.  I am also in the Armstrong 
Group. The closest matches I have is number 6 - 10 which could be 10 or more 
generations away.  And few have a family tree posted. And every time I want to 
do something, it costs me money.  I did the full test to start.
I then did my Armstrong DNA with Ancestry and then downloaded it to gedmatch.  
In gedmatch I can see how many CM's we have in common and work out possible 
relationships from that.I find Ancestry DNA affordable and easy to get a 
download from.My Armstrong gedmatch number is for Robert Armstrong A199189.My 
other Armstrong gedmatch number is Ed Mawson A192469.I appreciate the 
discussion, I learn something from them.I find I love to do the family 
research, always loved history.  But the DNA stuff, does not stick in my brain, 
I hated biology etc in school.  Now I need it.Margaret Marion

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