Marion, Ancestry and other autosomal tests do not follow the surname like a
Y-DNA test does. From your message, I took that as one of your goals and
was suggesting that if you do test another male, you purchase a 67 marker
test. Y-DNA, which follows ONLY the paternal line, is tested at marker
levels: at 12 markers lots of people match, but it's so far back in time it
is pretty useless (in fact, I don't know if it is sold anymore), 25 markers
is only slightly better, at 37 markers some knowledge is gained, but for
real questions 67 markers is better and can confirm relationships. After
that, it gets into real $$$ for more complex questions. It's always best to
ask the admin of a surname project, because they can tell sometimes by what
you DO know, what is the most cost effective way to go. Especially with the
holiday sale on right now, it makes sense to get more bang for your buck.

See if this helps:

Sorry if I threw you a curve ball and misunderstood what you were trying to


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> What do you mean make them Y67?
> I have done my Armstrong DNA on Family tree DNA.  I am kit 566581.  I am
> in the Old Scottish Group.  I am also in the Armstrong Group. The closest
> matches I have is number 6 - 10 which could be 10 or more generations
> away.  And few have a family tree posted. And every time I want to do
> something, it costs me money.  I did the full test to start.
> I then did my Armstrong DNA with Ancestry and then downloaded it to
> gedmatch.  In gedmatch I can see how many CM's we have in common and work
> out possible relationships from that.
> I find Ancestry DNA affordable and easy to get a download from.
> My Armstrong gedmatch number is for Robert Armstrong A199189.
> My other Armstrong gedmatch number is Ed Mawson A192469.
> I appreciate the discussion, I learn something from them.
> I find I love to do the family research, always loved history.  But the
> DNA stuff, does not stick in my brain, I hated biology etc in school.  Now
> I need it.
> Margaret Marion
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