+1 on issuing 4xx errors to in-process messages during a shutdown — that seems 
like a clean-enough way to allow in-flight messages to be handled.

We have to restart courier many times a day to pick up changes to files under 
the aliases dir and esmtpacceptmailfor, which is the source of the restarts 
that kicked all of this off. “service courier reload” would be a nice addition, 
but I don’t know what that actually looks like, implementation-wise.


> On Jan 9, 2015, at 11:18 AM, Alessandro Vesely <ves...@tana.it> wrote:
> ...
> It could say something more pressing, for example like so:
>   All mail filters also inherit a pipe on standard input, and must terminate
>   when the pipe is closed, possibly aborting the current message  --Courier
>   will issue a temporary 4xx bounce in that case.  Mail filters must
>   simultaneously listen for new connections on the mail filter socket, and
>   for their standard input to close.
> Ale
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