>> Why is filterctl involved in "service courier restart" at all?  As far
>> as I can tell, courier's sysvinit script doesn't invoke filterctl and
>> neither does courierfilter.  What am I missing?
> Yes, that was a misnomer. filterctl enables or disables individual filters; 
> and courierfilter is the one that starts and stops all enabled filters.

Yup; typo on my part. I was merely showing I tried the unreasonable things too 
(courierfilter start), and they failed too.

What I was seeing: failure for pythonfilter to stop during a ‘service courier 
restart’, specifically with the timeout alarm, would result in it failing to 
start on the way back up, which then meant spam and virus emails were getting 
accepted going forward, until something / someone manually corrected it. That’s 
a pretty bad failure scenario for us.

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