Hi Sam & Co.,

I’ve been chipping away on spam filtering, DKIM, and other stuff to improve our 
setup, and have tracked down an odd condition that I wanted to see if anyone 
else has seen.

1. Running courier 0.71 + pythonfilter + spamassassin (spamd)
2. SpamAssassin is randomly sluggish. Running spamc manually, most of the time 
completes in <1 second, but on occasion, some messages will take 20-30 seconds 
to process (presumably URI lists being slow to respond).
3. Restarting courier (“service courier restart”) can sometimes cause an "Alarm 
clock" during the stop phase, during filterctl stop, presumably because 
pythonfilter is handling a message that spamd is being too slow on.
4. After start, pythonfilter is not started — 'filterctl start pythonfilter' 
fails to bring it up with this:
        filterctl start pythonfilter
        ln: creating symbolic link `/etc/courier/filters/active/pythonfilter' 
to `/usr/lib/courier/libexec/filters/pythonfilter': File exists

If I stop courier and get this condition to happen, there are stuck processes 

        daemon   32271  0.0  0.0   3832   328 ?        S    17:35   0:00 
/usr/lib/courier/sbin/courierfilter start
        daemon   32273  0.0  0.0   3800   512 ?        S    17:35   0:00 
/usr/sbin/courierlogger courierfilter
        daemon   32274  0.0  0.0 183444  9188 ?        S    17:35   0:00 
/usr/bin/python /etc/courier/filters/active/pythonfilter

I have to kill -9 the courierfilter process, and then restart courier and stuff 
flushes out fine.

What am I missing? I would think that “service courier stop” should definitely 
nuke any process that it started up, but I know there’s a boundary between 
filters and courier.


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