Matus UHLAR - fantomas writes:

>Is it worth considering A and TXT record lookups rather than ANY, given
>the request to stop sending requests for ANY result?  Might that request
>indicate that requests for ANY will not be supported in the future?

I got angry in the past at cloudflare for the stupid draft and already
blocked a domain using their DNS because of that.

I agree that this is somewhat dumb, and stupid. I understand the underlying technical factors. But it's still dumb, and stupid. Things have been working just fine, as is, for decades, with those same technical factors being present and everyone simply ignoring them. Nobody cares.

This is nothing more than some pointy-headed academician, or a bunch of them, suddenly figuring out the problem with ANY that nobody cared about, ever, and thinks that he is the first one, ever, to figure it out, and this is nothing more than a public demonstration of how smart these boneheads, who are pushing for this, are. Because, see, they're smarter than everyone else, for figuring out this horrible flaw in DNS's design.

But this is a battle that I cannot win. There will come a point that the blacklist operators will realize their short-sightedness in backing this idiocy. But, by that point, there will be nothing that they will be able to do about it. The cat's already out of the bag.

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