David Niklas writes:

On 03/10/2017(Fri) 15:35
> That's the other thing that the blacklists definitely don't want:
> excessi ve queries. Making two queries instead of one will put extra
> load on the blacklists, and slow down your mail delivery.
Well isn't that what they want, two quires instead of one?

No. From the looks of it, they want either an A or a TXT query.

> That's why I think that getting rid of ANY is counter-productive. But,
> it 's their call to make, so we'll go with that.
Why not tell them that courier has a valid use case for the ANY query?

I think they're smart enough to understand how DNS works. I don't need to tell them that.

I can't quite put my finger on why exactly I believe that this would be a waste of energy, trying to fight it. Call it a sixth sense, of sorts, of me being involved in this industry for a while.

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