On 03/10/2017(Fri) 15:35
Sam Varshavchik <mr...@courier-mta.com> wrote:
> SZÉPE Viktor writes:
> > Idézem/Quoting Sam Varshavchik <mr...@courier-mta.com>:
> >  
> > > In the long run this will be counterproductive, since the existing
> > > blacklists will now result in a generic "Access denied." bounces,
> > > instead of the blacklist-provided message that will point back to
> > > the blacklist. But, it's their decision to make.  
> >
> > I think Courier should issue an A query and if it is positive than a
> > TXT one to get the description.
> >
> > What do you think about it?  
> That's the other thing that the blacklists definitely don't want:
> excessi ve queries. Making two queries instead of one will put extra
> load on the blacklists, and slow down your mail delivery.
Well isn't that what they want, two quires instead of one?

> That's why I think that getting rid of ANY is counter-productive. But,
> it 's their call to make, so we'll go with that.
Why not tell them that courier has a valid use case for the ANY query?


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