Hey Tiffany,

It's always great to see new people wanting to start their own coworking 
space. Im working at Bisner, a virtual platform to build your coworking 
>From my standpoint on coworking, I would suggest you to gather events where 
you can attract people with your same needs. I am so convinced Phoenix is 
full of freelancers and nomads (just look up on facebook groups) interested 
in participating in social events. 
Do not be afraid to visit other spaces in your area 
(http://www.keyserco.com/top-5-phoenix-shared-office-space-locations/) to 
see what they are up to and get some inspirtion on how they do it.
If you have the resources you should also participate to Coworking events 
such as GCUC Canada this October.
Check out these websites too: coworkingwiki, coworking handbook
Bisner also allows you to grow your community. You can connect all your 
members in our platform and always stay connected.

Hope this helped, good luck

On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 18:31:20 UTC+2, Chef Tiffani Rozier wrote:
> I want to start a coworking space in Phoenix, Arizona..with a focus on 
> food and hospitality. All the research I've done strongly recommends 
> building the community first. My question is simple, how do you start that 
> community??

Visit this forum on the web at http://discuss.coworking.com
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