We just started a Slack channel. How do you set guidelines, and what do you 
do if one person is trying to make rules (or is coming across as a downer) 
that other people aren't into? Do you and members facilitate Slack online 
similarly to how you facilitate the physical coworking place? It sounds 
like it's primarily social chatty and that's the goal, or is it something 

On Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 10:32:11 AM UTC-7, Gregory St. Fort wrote:
> Hey everyone! My name is Greg, I am the executive director of 100state, a 
> 200+ member coworking community in Madison, WI. Has anyone used slack for 
> internal communications with members? 
> Also I have been following these discussions and wondered if anyone would 
> be interested in joining a slack group about coworking. similar to this 
> google group. 
> - 
> Gregory St. Fort
> www.100state.com

Visit this forum on the web at http://discuss.coworking.com
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