Hey Tiffany, 

Loved the interview on Nexudus. Do you have any updated feedback that you 
can share? 

On Sunday, 5 June 2016 14:50:17 UTC-4, Tiffany Jones wrote:
> Hey All,
> We have been using Nexudus at NextSpace for almost a year now. It has been 
> a great software for us. Adrian and his team have been very supportive with 
> all of our requests and questions, which is perhaps the best part. The 
> system can be difficult to learn because of how complex everything is, and 
> we are actively working on putting together some training modules and 
> assessments for our staff and new hires. But once learned, it's a very 
> powerful tool. I will echo what others have said that I know there are a 
> lot of features that we're not using and should be. It would definitely be 
> nice to have a place where all new features are laid out and a forum where 
> users can talk about specific features and questions. Perhaps this is 
> already out there...if someone knows of one, please let me know! 
> The two biggest benefits to Nexudus are: 1) They have been around a long 
> time and this has given them years of knowledge and information. They have 
> added so many unique features and capabilities that can only be learned 
> (IMO) from years of listening and responding to customers' needs. There are 
> newer, sexier platforms out there, but I worry that they will lack the 
> years of experience and testing that Nexudus brings to the table. 2) They 
> are always willing to listen to and implement new feature requests, or let 
> me know if the system already does what I'm looking for and how to utilize 
> it. This is hugely important for us as we continue to grow and expand. I 
> feel confident that as the market continues to change, and we continue to 
> pivot and change with it, Nexudus is going to be able to support us. The 
> system isn't perfect (none of them are), but the support that we get, and 
> our confidence that they can and will respond to needed changes is way more 
> important than perfection.
> Cheers,
> Tiffany
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> *Technology + Operations Manager*
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> On Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 6:57:13 AM UTC-7, Ender Baykal wrote:
>> Hello everyone, 
>> We're still in progress of seeking a platform which meets all our needs 
>> at once. However, it's kind of hard to find a platform like that, because 
>> we would like to:
>> *1.* manage all the membership payment transactions (charge users, 
>> accepting new members(coworkers), canceling memberships etc.)
>> *2.* track their check-ins to our space (we don't want to check them in 
>> manually, we already have a HID card reader system that allows people to 
>> check-in at the front desk, however this card reader application is 
>> integrated with Cobot and if we use another platform instead of Cobot, we 
>> are not sure that we will be able to use our current HID system with the 
>> new platform)
>> *3.* We would like to see our members can interact each other on a 
>> single platform by posting events, chatting each other, posting something 
>> that they find interesting, or even posting job ads etc.
>> *4.* manage our printer system (may be by giving our members some 
>> credits in order to use the printers in our coworking space)
>> *5.* we want our coworkers(members) can easily book our meeting rooms as 
>> well as other resources like phone booths.
>> Besides all these, the user interface of the platform/software should be 
>> extremely simple. It shouldn't be complicated, it needs to look really 
>> simple to people to encourage them to use it. 
>> As I mentioned above, we're still in progress of finding a platform like 
>> this. We came up with Nexudus, but I am not sure if it's going to be 
>> helpful and meet our needs. If anyone who already uses Nexudus can give us 
>> a feedback, we would appreciate that. In addition, we also appreciate if 
>> you suggest us other softwares.
>> *P.S.: We think Project Management softwares (Basecamp, Podio etc.) can't 
>> help us since they're quiet expensive and kind of complicated and not very 
>> user friendly. They have a lot of apps to allow you to customize it based 
>> on your needs, but these are not as simple as other softwares.*
>> Thanks everyone!
>> *Indiegrove Team*
>> * <http://goog_1954297332>*
>> *http://indiegrovejc.com/ <http://indiegrovejc.com/>*

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