+7 on the track lighting hack. I REALLY hate track lighting because it's 
always beaming into my brain. We used a version of track lighting at 
Bandwidth and immediately turned all the bulbs to face up and out towards 
the walls. It's such a great method to get lots of light reflecting off of 
stuff without it searing your retinas.

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 4:29:01 PM UTC-7, Jen Luby wrote:
> Hey all, my landlord is asking for a lighting plan so he can get a sense 
> of budget for the buildout...but this is not my forte. What kind of lights 
> do you guys use in a) open work areas and b) private offices? Currently 
> there are a ton of track lights installed (it's a former gallery space) but 
> from what I've read those can cast unpleasant shadows.
> (Alex, I put you in the subject because I think you worked on this for 
> Indy Hall, although I didn't find any previous posts about. My apologies if 
> I'm wrong.)
> Thanks!
> Jen Luby
> Dayhouse Coworking
> Highland Park, IL

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