For two years we had a seller of vaping products as a coworker.  Our entry 
room has after some years of trying to figure out what to do with it become 
a dedicated retail space.

They had lots of events and parties and so on, generally not during normal 
work hours. They have since graduated to their own space down the street 
here, but they still participate in the collective shipping service we 
have.  Only they got a better quote than we did from the shippers, so 
instead of their shipping with our collective account, we ship with  
theirs. :-)

That quite aside we did find out that there are a number of people who are 
sensitive to vaping.  I don't really know anything about it but there were 
coworkers who knew when people had been vaping and did not like it.  So we 
put in a ventilation system and then everybody was happy. The vaping guys 
paid for half of it and the community paid for the other half as I recall.

There are also people who have Very Strong Feelings about minors vaping: 
happily the guys who ran the vaping shop were amoung those people and so 
this turned out also not to be an issue.  But it is a thing to be aware of, 
if the coworker is not in agreement with that.

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 9:05:18 PM UTC+1, Kevin Haggerty wrote:
> Would love to have as many of you as possible weigh in with what your 
> personal policies are. It's honestly not something I even thought about 
> until I found out what of our members had been vaping in their office. I 
> have never smoked and know very little about vaping, so I don't want to be 
> reactionary.
> Thanks in advance!

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