We just recently upgraded our ubiquiti access points and have been having 
some problems with the new software, anyone experiencing the same thing? 

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 5:07:43 AM UTC-7, Ramesh Agarwal wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> New to the group but I saw similar posts earlier and hence posting.
> I am setting up a 2000 sqft space in Bangalore and I am lost trying to get 
> an optimum WiFi solutions for the space. The space can accommodate a max of 
> 45 people so I am thinking a total of 90 Wifi devices (laptops and phones) 
> will hook on to the network. I intend to put 3 access points, a router and 
> a switch (have about 16 ports of LAN) to run the network. If I can get 
> recommendations on the equipment to use that would be really appreciated.
> Also there are some managed WiFi solutions that are available ( 
> http://griggi.com/) but would like to get feedback on the usefulness of 
> such solutions and feedback if anyone is using it.
> Thanks
> Ramesh

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