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> > For the 5.29.* development cycle starting in May of this year, I would like 
> > to be able to use a ranking of CPAN distros which goes beyond asking:
> > 
> > * "How many other distributions depend on this one?"
> > 
> > ... to asking:
> > 
> > * "How many distributions by other authors/maintainers depend on this one?"
> > 
> > Would that be feasible?  Has anyone attempted this already?  
> When we were discussing the River model at QAH, and in discussions 
> afterwards, this came up. In the end we decided to keep things simple and go 
> with the current common definition. There are some tools in the CPAN 
> ecosystem that only count dependencies written by others.
> We’d need to agree which dists get ignored in this alternate scheme. Consider 
> this example:
> Here MARY has released a bunch of dists, but Foo-Bar is also relied
> on by other dists written by MUNGO and MIDGE.
> The river count for Foo-Bar would be 2 here (ignoring the whole
> branch that contains only dists from MARY), but the Foo river count
> should be 3, I think. Foo-Bar “counts”, because it in turn is
> depended on by dists from other authors. Otherwise the river count
> would be 2 for both Foo and Foo-Bar. Basically we’re starting at the
> “bottom" of the dependency graph, and trimming sub-graphs all from
> one author.

> Also consider this example:
> What’s the river count of Plant — 0, 1, or 3? I think it should be 1,
> in this alternate measure.

1 or 3: 1 if module chains from the same author are "compressed" to 1,
3 if not

More interesting would be

 Thing - Plant - Fruit - Banana - Silver Banana - Distasteful stuff

would plant now be 1, 2, or 4? 

> I.e. for sub-graphs by the same author, you only include the dist at
> the head of the sub-graph.

I'd suggest to have an option to squeeze any unbranched chain of
modules from the same author to 1

> It would be useful to have both measures available: raw-river and
> author-river.
> When looking at a dist there are (at least) three figures that might
> be of interest: the full river count (total number of direct and
> indirect dependencies), the author-filtered river count (as above),
> and the number of direct dependencies (which could be split in 2 as
> well).
> Neil

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