Honestly, I'm not concerned about executable size, or other things.

Yes, there are other frameworks (and maybe I'll use eg Google Tests instead of 
Qt's test stuff).

But I've decided to use Qt :)

If you want to experiment with SDL, or anything else, be my guest & provide 
patches :)

Kind regards


Le lundi 25 mai 2015 19:37:38, Tolga Dalman a écrit :
> Hi,
> from what I understood, you are searching for a replacement (or even a
> proper solution) for these functionalities: 1) platform independent
> networking
> 2) a test framework
> 3) a platform independent build system
> 4) a graphical framework
> 5) misc. utility classes (which ones ?)
> I think, there are a couple of advantages with Qt.
> * Qt is a really great GUI framework. Especially Qt5 has evolved to a very
> good framework IMHO. * portability is greatly eased. In future, we could
> also easily provide an Android or IOS crossfire client. * You seem to have
> some experience with Qt with CRE.
> * The crossfire code would have to be converted to be C++ (at least
> compilable).
> However, it really depends where the Crossfire project is heading towards.
> My concerns are these (hence, I'm asking so many questions): * Qt is
> actually quite big (on my system libQt5Core is 5MB large - stripped!). I
> have always liked the light-weight nature of crossfire. * Over the years,
> the API changes caused some headaches, e.g., from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5.
> I don't think it is feasible to support all different versions. * we would
> (at least in the interim) have to support Qt AND the current GTK+ client.
> This seems unfortunate as both frameworks have a similar functional scope.
> Finally, let me again mention that there are alternatives to the above
> requirements: 1) SDL provides a good networking abstraction (SDLnet)
> 2) I really like GoogleTest. Other alternatives include Boost::Test and
> CPPUnit 3) CMake is a great cross-platform build system. Other
> alternatives include, e.g., scons. 4) Qt is really the best choice here.
> As mentioned above, I would harmonize all graphical tools, i.e., CRE and
> the client should be based on the same framework. We could even think
> about using a Python Qt binding (PyQt or PySide). 5) Depends on which
> classes you actually need.
> Opinions ?
> Best regards
> Tolga Dalman

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