If you have multiple types of mice (ie: altruistic, aggressive, tribalism-oriented, etc), you could have a pretty entertaining simulation play out.

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On 04/01/16 19:20, Robert Brockway wrote:
Hi all.  I'm a long time CF player who has mostly lurked.  I've played
on and off since 94 or so.  I did some map work ages ago but never
submitted any.

Anyway recently I've been focussing on doing work on CF.  Since I'm not
great at C I have been playing mostly with plugins and maps.

Anyway I've been having fun building a new world over the last few
months. I modified the 'land' utility a little and have played a lot
with different land forms.  My modified version is called 'bigland' and
allows for the creation of quite large land forms.  I've written a
script which calls bigland and records the parameters used in a file so
they can be reproduced later.

I've created a new world running on my server which is 1000x1000 maps.
I started small but gradually made bigger and bigger land forms.  There
are reasons I went and built a world this big that I can go in to later.

That's really just an intro...

Since finalising the world I wanted I've been adding cities, roads,
dungeons, etc.  I built one city and then decided it was too close to
the portal from the old world so I turned it into a ruined city.  I put
a few monsters in the ruined city - giant rats, some undead and others.
For the most part they stay in the city but they may harass travellers
on the road that passes by the ruined city.

I also put in mice :)  I had wondered whether monsters would move
between tiles on a world map.  I have my answer now :)  The mice are
spreading like a plague on my new world map - passing well beyond the
original one or two maps I placed them on.  They are even activiting new
maps which surprised me a bit.  They are definitely spreading to maps
that none of our characters have visited recently.

At this stage they have only been going for about 12 hours but have
already filled 30-40 maps.

Of course I could restart CF to clear the problem but I've decided to
leave it for a while to see what happens :)  I suppose eventually number
of active objects will cause problems but this is only a private server
with two active players and regular backups so we're all good.

Anyway you will be hearing more of me as I'll be submitting my work.  I
suspect few players will want a full 1000x1000 map world as it stands
since it takes up roughly 100GB storage.

I was thinking that a lot of space could be saved if the game tried to
open a compressed map if it did not find an uncompressed map at the
location specified when it tried to open a map.  Using xz (or similar)
compression on maps would be a huge storage saver and would not be very
cpu expensive.

I'll tell you know how my mouse plague turns out :p



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