On 04/01/2016 19:20, Robert Brockway wrote:
> Anyway I've been having fun building a new world over the last few
> months. I modified the 'land' utility a little and have played a lot
> with different land forms.  My modified version is called 'bigland' and
> allows for the creation of quite large land forms.  I've written a
> script which calls bigland and records the parameters used in a file so
> they can be reproduced later.
> I've created a new world running on my server which is 1000x1000 maps. 
> I started small but gradually made bigger and bigger land forms.  There
> are reasons I went and built a world this big that I can go in to later.

Sounds interesting. Any chance your server is online so I can take a
look at your new maps? I'd love to hear more about your 'interesting'
game dynamics with a big world (and lots of mice).

Kevin Zheng
kevinz5...@gmail.com | kev...@berkeley.edu | PGP: 0xC22E1090
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