Seeing the discussion on this list, I thought I should toss out an idea
I had.

Some time ago, I was thinking about creating a set of underworld maps,
tiled together much like the surface world maps.  The difference is that
they wouldn't necessarily be completely two-dimensional.  You might have
a set of maps tiled such that you could move in a spiral, entering maps
that go underneath the map you were on four maps ago.  I would want the
main entrance to be a tile on the main world map where high mountains
prevent access except through a canyon.

The same idea could be used for a tower going up.

I wanted to play with the idea and see how the client would react with
the fog of war memory when you enter a map beneath the one you were
recently on.

Anyway, I never got around to implementing it, but I thought I would
toss out the idea in case someone is inspired.

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