On 09/27/2017 10:16 PM, Robert Brockway wrote:
Hi all.  Just occured to me that this might be a fun question to ask.

I have a character that I started playing in 1995, Lars the Northman. Lars still survives on my server although he's been a dedicated DM character for a long time.

FWIW Lars has progressed through various changes in the game.

So how old is your oldest character, in real-world time?

Can anyone beat Lars at 22 years?

I understand that Crossfire was started in 1992, 2-3 years before I started playing it. I guess that means that the oldest possible character would be 25.

This got me curious. Looking on my system, I find a character with the last modification date of Aug 9, 1997. That is in a players.bak directory, so I had probably copied those as a backup at some point (I wonder how many hard drives/filesystems that file has migrated across)

There isn't any way to tell when it was created, though I suspect it was when I first got involved, which I think was 1994. Though I've not actually played that character in a long time, so I suppose it depends on 'still in the game' really means.

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