The fact that a game can last between generations is a testament to
open source.  I was playing in 1994, but I don't have any characters
from that era of my life.  I have the memories, though.

On Thu, 2017-09-28 at 23:13 -0400, Ruben Safir wrote:
> So here is the crossfire story.  There was a youbng women who played
> metqalforge about 2003 and I was up all the night, constantly,
> working
> and worrying.  My wife had decided after 9-11 (I live in NYC) to move
> back to the Midwest and took my 6 kids with her.  And the economy in
> was upside down, and I lost my growing IT business.
> So alone the house, Catrina and I would play on Metalforge, almost
> like
> clockwork from about 1AM - 7AM.  She was part of a guild in Navar
> (BTW
> Metalforge is down at the momemnt), and she and I had the only
> existing
> keys.  Slowly all the other chars grew old and moved on.  
> So finally, about 2007 or so, my kids came home and they had full
> access
> to all the computers in the house (each child had there own computer)
> and
> they could have any OS they wanted as long it was SuSE linux ;).
> They quickly learned that with X they could run crossfire off my
> business server through SSH and they invaded Scorn, and then they
> invaded Wolfsburg, and plowed through Brent, and Pupland, 
> and had apartments all about the world, but there was no guild space.
> So one day, Rick decides the reboot the guilds, and cheers went up
> all
> over Brooklyn on the fine evening.  The kids were running around the
> house all excited to finally get guilds.  And the other players in
> the
> game at that time must have been a bit confused how the kids would
> stragize against monsters and maps, since they were screeming from
> all
> three floors of the house, back and forth, how to beat the maps and
> to
> come for help and all kinds of things.
> A few of us knew there secret and Ragnor befriended nearly every kid.
> One day, my middle daughter, Itka, and Profit or Rags were having a
> food
> fight in the arena, throwing tomatos and hags, and orks hearts at
> each
> other.  It made me very happy.
> Ultimately, however, my guild ended up the family guild and we
> stocked
> it to the rim.  There were thousands of dragon mails, of every kind,
> and
> more money than you could dream of.  We had 23 kinds of bows, in
> multiple flavors, and my son Dovid decided to collect grave stones,
> something he learned from someone else.  And he had 30 of mine.
> The guild had arrows and I made thousands of arrows only to have the
> bow
> taken away after there was a change in Gaea, and all kinds of exotic
> powerful customized  weapons and armour and gloves.
> And slowly the kids grew up and the youngest of them is now 20 and
> the
> oldest is 30.  And they are spread about the world and we have
> Grandchildren.  And then... I remembered Crossfire.
> So have a couple of years I log onto Metalforge and I find EVERY ITEM
> in
> the guild was gone...
> Nothing for the grandkids....
> mrbrklyn
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