So here is the crossfire story.  There was a youbng women who played
metqalforge about 2003 and I was up all the night, constantly, working
and worrying.  My wife had decided after 9-11 (I live in NYC) to move
back to the Midwest and took my 6 kids with her.  And the economy in NYC
was upside down, and I lost my growing IT business.

So alone the house, Catrina and I would play on Metalforge, almost like
clockwork from about 1AM - 7AM.  She was part of a guild in Navar (BTW
Metalforge is down at the momemnt), and she and I had the only existing
keys.  Slowly all the other chars grew old and moved on.  

So finally, about 2007 or so, my kids came home and they had full access
to all the computers in the house (each child had there own computer) and
they could have any OS they wanted as long it was SuSE linux ;).

They quickly learned that with X they could run crossfire off my
business server through SSH and they invaded Scorn, and then they
invaded Wolfsburg, and plowed through Brent, and Pupland, 
and had apartments all about the world, but there was no guild space.

So one day, Rick decides the reboot the guilds, and cheers went up all
over Brooklyn on the fine evening.  The kids were running around the
house all excited to finally get guilds.  And the other players in the
game at that time must have been a bit confused how the kids would
stragize against monsters and maps, since they were screeming from all
three floors of the house, back and forth, how to beat the maps and to
come for help and all kinds of things.

A few of us knew there secret and Ragnor befriended nearly every kid.
One day, my middle daughter, Itka, and Profit or Rags were having a food
fight in the arena, throwing tomatos and hags, and orks hearts at each
other.  It made me very happy.

Ultimately, however, my guild ended up the family guild and we stocked
it to the rim.  There were thousands of dragon mails, of every kind, and
more money than you could dream of.  We had 23 kinds of bows, in
multiple flavors, and my son Dovid decided to collect grave stones,
something he learned from someone else.  And he had 30 of mine.

The guild had arrows and I made thousands of arrows only to have the bow
taken away after there was a change in Gaea, and all kinds of exotic
powerful customized  weapons and armour and gloves.

And slowly the kids grew up and the youngest of them is now 20 and the
oldest is 30.  And they are spread about the world and we have
Grandchildren.  And then... I remembered Crossfire.

So have a couple of years I log onto Metalforge and I find EVERY ITEM in
the guild was gone...

Nothing for the grandkids....


On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 07:32:14PM -0500, Rick Tanner wrote:
> On 9/28/17 6:23 PM, Matthew Giassa wrote:
> > There may still be "Teo the human monk" "Fire the Fire Dragon". I think 
> > those are pre-2003.
> Those may have been initially created when Metalforge
> ( was running on the G3 PowerMac.
> In May-2003 there was a character reset and migration to the current
> hardware ( - so anyone playing right now on the
> metalforge server was created in or after May-2003.
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