I should probably transfer ownership of crossfire to someone else - I haven't had much time to work on it lately, and seems unlikely that I'll find time anytime soon. But that wasn't really the question here.

It is hard to argue about making the game (or chat channels) more accessible to more people. There are a few thoughts here:

- Move chat to another system that is more widely used/available, with the understanding that it still needs to be accessible to linux users. So if there is a web interface, probably acceptable. If the only thing is a windows program, probably not.

- Set up a gateway. As noted, this could have issues related to freenode policy. One thought there is to change the topic to clear state that there is a gateway being used. I'm not actually sure how messages would get attributed when moved between the 2 chats - I'd imagine there may be a forwarding agent string involved. And handling of private messages would need to be carefully done (if one replies to the forwarding agent privately, you probably don't want to that appear to all the users on the other chat system)

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