You can't be serious.

So just to recap: You object to Discord because it is in cahoots with IBM to 
sell data to the Nazis in preparation of some imminent fourth reich?

Can we just have the bridge set up and move on from this ridiculousness. 

Nobody is tracking you, 1984 really got in your head.
    On Friday, February 8, 2019, 2:19:54 PM EST, Ruben Safir 
<> wrote:  
 On 2/8/19 11:54 AM, greenscene8 wrote:
> I agree... Discord helps keep gaming communities together. Not worth arguing 
> about. It's an excellent forum to discuss program ideas, the i tended 
> purpose. If youre worried about the spy state- keep the bomb discussions to 
> minimal and we should all be safe from the swat teams and holocusts.

Until they come after you Dovid!  Tracking is no game.

When the Nazi's come for us the next time, and there is always a next
time, they won't need yellow Magin Dovids and numbers tatooed on the
arm... and IBM will be able to sell a lot more than adding machines to
help Helbollah track you down and gas you.

Of course, part of the ignorance of youth is the believe that Government
is good, and companies can be trusted, and justice and the law are same
thing, and innocent people never get in trouble with the law.

So many immigrant groups have swept through our town
that Brooklyn, like Atlantis, reaches mythological
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Being so tracked is for FARM ANIMALS and extermination camps,
but incompatible with living as a free human being. -RI Safir 2013
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