Segware - Vinícius Montanheiro <> writes:

> Hello Guys, we are working with hybrid cordova app using crosswak browser,
> after some days some users received a message on several android versions.
> The dialog information saying:
> Mismatch of CPU Architecture for the Crosswalk
> asking to accept update for some libs. If the user accepts, it works fine,
> but unfortunately they do can cancel. So we'll have an uncomfortable
> problem.
> After a big time spent looking for the best solution, we do not really
> found the right way to solve that. We just know that behind a few arm64
> architecture are missing native libraries that crosswak takes.

Hey there,

I think we need more information to be able to help:
- What Crosswalk version are you using?
- Are you using Crosswalk in embedded or shared mode?
- Are the users being prompted with that dialog after they were
  successfully using your app for a while?
- Did you mean above that this is only affecting ARM64 devices? Is it
  only one specific device model? Are they all running the same Android
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