Have you tried to update to the latest crosswalk webview plugin? The problem 
should have been resolved there.




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Subject: [Crosswalk-help] RES: Mismatch of CPU Architecture for the Crosswalk

Hello Raphael,

It occurred after that the app was installed and in the first access.
We're not really sure that all devices are only ARM64.
It’s affecting many different models with different versions and I checked 2 
models specifications.

We're developing with Ionic Framework using the Crosswalk version 
in embedded mode.


MODEL                                                            VERSION        
Moto X                                                            06.01         
Xperia M4                                                      5.0              
Samgung DUO GTi9082L                           4.4.2002           OK
Samgung S6                                                  06.01               
  Asked Crosswalk update
Moto X Play                                                  06.01              
Huawei P8 Lite                                             6.0                  
    Asked Crosswalk update
LG G4                                                               6.0         
             Asked Crosswalk update

The dialog:


Do you need of informations about the Cordova plugins that we’re using?

Thank you;

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Assunto: Re: [Crosswalk-help] Mismatch of CPU Architecture for the Crosswalk

Segware - Vinícius Montanheiro <vmontanhe...@segware.com.br> writes:

> Hello Guys, we are working with hybrid cordova app using crosswak browser,
> after some days some users received a message on several android versions.
> The dialog information saying:
> Mismatch of CPU Architecture for the Crosswalk
> asking to accept update for some libs. If the user accepts, it works fine,
> but unfortunately they do can cancel. So we'll have an uncomfortable
> problem.
> After a big time spent looking for the best solution, we do not really
> found the right way to solve that. We just know that behind a few arm64
> architecture are missing native libraries that crosswak takes.

Hey there,

I think we need more information to be able to help:
- What Crosswalk version are you using?
- Are you using Crosswalk in embedded or shared mode?
- Are the users being prompted with that dialog after they were
  successfully using your app for a while?
- Did you mean above that this is only affecting ARM64 devices? Is it
  only one specific device model? Are they all running the same Android

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