Hi Sri,

On Fri, Jan 09, 2015 at 11:22:10PM +0530, sri sowj wrote:
> Thanks for the support and time,really appreciate it.
> Great to have suggestion on the issue,but still not clear with respect
> following.
> #1: "" There is /usr/include/crypto/cryptodev.h and it matches the
> cryptodev-linux installation you use.""
> I really did not get this statement, does it mean I need to include
> "/usr/include/crypto/cryptodev.h",
> instead of <linux/cryptodev.h> .Please can you help me with this.

The installation routine of cryptodev-linux installs cryptodev.h to
/usr/include/crypto/cryptodev.h and this file has to be included in
users' code. But the sample code you referred to has an include
statement like so:
| #include <linux/cryptodev.h>
which therefore should read
| #include <crypto/cryptodev.h>

> #2: I was unable to compile when I applied cryptodev patch to openssl
> source as mentioned in http://www.logix.cz/michal/devel/cryptodev/".But
> surprisingly when I disable __linux__ macro using U__linux___ ,I was able
> to compile.Please  can you provide your comments on this.

No idea about those macros. As far as I remember, all you have to do is
apply the patch provided by cryptodev-linux and pass '-DHAVE_CRYPTODEV'
to the Configure program when compiling openssl. Given the limited
information you provide it's nearly impossible for me to assist you
here. At least a full log of how you tried to compile openssl containing
commands as well as their output is necessary.

Cheers, Phil

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