On Fri, 2015-01-09 at 23:22 +0530, sri sowj wrote:
> HI Phil ,
> Thanks for the support and time,really appreciate it.
> Great to have suggestion on the issue,but still not clear with respect
> following.
> #1: "" There is /usr/include/crypto/cryptodev.h and it matches the
> cryptodev-linux installation you use.""
> I really did not get this statement, does it mean I need to include
> "/usr/include/crypto/cryptodev.h",
> instead of <linux/cryptodev.h> .Please can you help me with this.
> #2: I was unable to compile when I applied cryptodev patch to openssl
> source as mentioned in http://www.logix.cz/michal/devel/cryptodev/";

Please disregard any examples from this site. They are very old examples
of a very old linux-cryptodev version. How did you even find that site?
If you want to check examples, check the examples in the cryptodev git


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