At 03:38 PM 6/11/03 -0600, Anne & Lynn Wheeler wrote:
even before e-commerce, the real 
>BBB process was that people called up the BBB and got realtime information 
>.... i.e. it was an online, realtime process.
>the equiivalent for an online, internet paradigm (as opposed to something 
>left over from the offline email genre of at least 10--15 years earlier) 
>was that the browswer tab;e pf trusted entities were of online authorities 
>(as opposed to certificate manufacturing) and if you cared, you clicked 
>thru to the BBB and got realtime information about the merchant in question 
>(being equivalent to when people call the BBB to actually get some level of 
>real input .... as opposed to just a fuzzy comfort fealing).

When I buy $20 of gas with non-bearer credentials (ie, credit card), 
the vendor does a real-time check on me.  Seems fair/useful to be able
to do same on them.  I suppose eBay's feedback suffices... if their
last N "feedbacks" are negative, I might go elsewhere.

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