On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Ed Gerck wrote:

>OTOH, it is possible that the dutch man was traced not by a one
>time download of the image but by many attempts to find it,
>since the upload time of the image to the site was not exactly
>known to him and time was of essence. In this case, the required
>tracing capability would NOT need a large capability for packet
>recording and correlation. It would just include finding 100's
>(or 1000's) of identical access occurrences in surfola's incoming
>server traffic, after surfola's server was tagged from the website's

The problem being here access to the website's logs. Getting the logs
via a warrant and due process, which seems like a minimal exercise for
a privacy server, is hard to do inside 24 hours.  It's much easier to
believe that the FBI is keeping its own logs at hubs, routers, and
switches connected to surfola, thereby eliminating the need for
warrant service.


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