At 12:30 PM 9/7/2003 -0700, James A. Donald wrote:
> > To the extent that trust information is centrally handled,
> > as it is handled by browsers, it will tend to be applied in
> > ways that benefit the state and the central authority

On 7 Sep 2003 at 17:19, Anne & Lynn Wheeler wrote:
> Out of all this, there is somewhat a request from the CA/PKI
> industry that a public key be registered as part of domain
> name registration (no certificate, just a public key
> registration). Then SSL domain name certificate requests
> coming into a CA/PKI can be digitally signed, the CA/PKI can
> retrieve the authoritative authentication public key (for the
> domain name ownership) from the domain name infrastructure
> and authenticate the request .... eliminating all the
> identification gorp (and also done w/o the use of
> certificates).

I seem to recollect that request, or a request very like it,
from some years back. 

         James A. Donald

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