At 18:02 29/12/2003, Ben Laurie wrote:
Amir Herzberg wrote:
specifications, I use `non-repudiation` terms for some of the requirements. For example, the intuitive phrasing of the Non-Repudiation of Origin (NRO) requirement is: if any party outputs an evidence evid s.t. valid(agreement, evid, sender, dest, message, time-interval, NRO), then either the sender is corrupted or sender originated message to the destination dest during the indicated time-interval. Notice of course that sender here is an entity in the protocol, not the human being `behind` it. Also notice this is only intuitive description, not the formal specifications.

What you have here is evidence of origin, not non-repudiation.

Ben, thanks, I'll change to this term (`evidence` instead of `non-repudiation`) since it appears from this thread that it may avoid confusion (at least for some people).

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