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This first case is actually quite amusing. I was recently the subject of identity theft.
Specifically, the thieves had my SSN (SIN, actually, since it is in Canada), and my
driver's licence number. They produced a fake driver's licence, and used it to open
bank accounts in my name. When this all came to light, the bank wanted a notarized
document that said that I did not open these accounts or know anything about them.
And what was required for notarization? I had to go to city hall and get someone
who had never met me before to look at my photo ID (which was my drivers licence)
and sign the form saying it was me! Great system!

A friend of mine went through the same city hall process in the US, although for a different reason (still in the context of proof of identity) and was given a dot-matrix printout which was then considered good enough for somebody else who had previously declared a current passport as falling short of the mark.

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