| Really?  How does one go about proving the security of a block cipher?
They don't claim that:

        This cipher is ... provably just as secure as AES-128.

I can come up with a cipher provably just as secure as AES-128 very quickly....

(Actually, based on the paper a while back on many alternative ways to
formulate AES - it had a catchy title something like "How Many Ways Can You
Spell AES?", except that I can't find one like that now - one could even
come up with a formulation that is (a) probably as secure as AES-128; (b)
actually faster in hardware or simpler to implement or whatever...)

                                                        -- Jerry :-) 

| My understanding is that you, and others, perform attacks against it,
| and see how it holds up.  Many of the very best minds out there
| attacked AES, so for your new CS2 cipher to be "provably just as
| secure as AES-128," all those people would have had to have spent as
| much time and energy as they did on AES.  That strikes me as unlikely,
| there's a lot more interest in hash functions today.
| Adam
| PS: I've added the cryptography mail list to this.  Some of the folks
| over there may be interested in your claims.
| On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 05:00:25PM -0800, BugTraq wrote:
| | Secure Science is offering a preview of one of the 3 ciphers they will 
| | be publishing througout the year. The CS2-128 cipher is a 128-bit block 
| | cipher with a 128 bit key. This cipher is proposed as an alternative 
| | hardware-based cipher to AES, being that it is more efficient in 
| | hardware, simpler to implement, and provably just as secure as AES-128.
| | 
| | http://www.securescience.net/ciphers/csc2/
| | 
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| | Best Regards,
| | Secure Science Corporation
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