Possibly the most visible Trojan attack was just exposed by the Israeli police. The Trojan was written (apparently) by an Israeli programmer, living in Europe in the last few years. It was planted in many Israeli companies, such as the major cellular companies. There were conflicting reports so far on the distribution method, and it may have used several, such as a program sent by e-mail or on CD to company. The scheme had three layers: the programmer; several `private investigation` companies (including the largest in Israel!); and the customers (including many hi-profile Israeli companies). The victims were also many leading Israeli companies. A lot of confidential documents were disclosed (via FTP to several servers, from which the customers downloaded the documents).

This is a story worth a movie, really, since there is also a personal and media issue here... This whole thing was discovered not by any of the victim companies, but by a different victim: a well-known couple who wrote a `psychology-thriller`. The wife is the more well known; she is the host of an extremely popular (and controversial) talk-radio show, consulting listeners on different personal problems. This couple were apparently targeted by the Trojan for personal reasons; the programmer is their ex-son-in-law...

See more info e.g. at http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/581790.html
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