Anne & Lynn Wheeler wrote:
if they can build a $100 PC ... you think that they could build a finread terminal for a couple bucks. sometimes there are issues with volume pricing ... you price high because there isn't a volume and there isn't a volume because you price high.

re: Status of SRP

another aspect was that there was a program in the past to give away smartcards and card readers to consumers as part of doing smartcard financial transactions. the issue at the time was that deployed support for pc/sc standard only supported pc serial port interfaces ... and therefor the free card reader was a serial port device. there was an ensuing disaster as consumers tried to get the serial port device operational ... lots of stories of BSOD, having to re-install everything from scratch, etc. as the dust was settling, there was a quickly spreading opinion that smartcards (or at least smartcard readers) were not viable in the consumer market segment. it was during this period that m'soft even canceled its smartcard operating system project.

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