There are a few more things to know about TPM (I've been playing with
it recently, and the scars have not healed yet).

First, very few systems, mostly laptops, support it.  The only
*server* platform I found that supports it is the IBM eSeries 366, and
even then, its BIOS does not have support for it (hence, no support
for authenticated booting (if you want to know the difference between
*authenticated* and *secure* booting, it's explained in the
trusted-grub page).

Much of the software is still work-in-progress.  Fortunately, the
people working on it are incredibly helpful.

The documentation of the spec is atrocious.  It's a 700-page document
written in some vague approximation of English, with no rhyme or reason
to its structure.

If you have more specific questions and don't want to bother the whole
list, send me e-mail.


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