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>       Speakers of such Native American languages as Navajo, Choctaw
>       and Cheyenne served as radio operators, know as Code Talkers,
>       to keep communications secret during both World Wars. Welsh
>       speakers played a similar role during the Bosnian War.
> Does anyone know anything more about this use of Welsh?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Guards says:

In 2002 the regiment arrived in Bosnia as part of SFOR, a NATO-led
force intended to ensure peace and stability reigns supreme in the
Balkan nation. During their deployment HM the Queen Mother died. A
number of officers of the Welsh Guards stood in vigil around the Queen
Mother's coffin which was lying in state in Westminster Hall, one of a
number of regiments to do so. The regiment returned home from their
deployment to Bosnia later in the year.

That's all I could find in a 10 minute search...
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