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services Governance of anonymous financial 

My wife has been gone five years and I've been gone for over a year (they had
corporate re-org in Dec '05) ... and we have no rights/interest ... but they
continue to trickle out

latest today (3Apr2007) ... hot off the press:

Method and system for using electronic communications for an electronic contract


A method and system for digitally signing an electronic contract document. An 
communication contains an identifier, a message, which includes the document, and a digital signature generated with a private key of an asymmetric key pair (247). The identifier may be used to retrieve a corresponding public key (287) and account information pertaining to the sender of the message. The public key may be used to authenticate the sender and the message. A device containing the private key may be used to protect the privacy thereof. The device may also generate a verification status indicator corresponding to verification data input into the device. The indicator may also be used as evidence that the sender of a contract document performed an overt act in causing the electronic communication to be digitally signed. A security profile linked to the public key in a secure database indicates security characteristics of the device.
... snip ...

for a little drift ... slightly related to this recent posting in sci.crypt Electronic signature outside Europe

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