Hi Allen,

On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 09:23:30PM -0800, Allen wrote:
> Hi Hadmut,
> combination lock brands in the $30 to $45 USD range where you can 
> set the combination to whatever you want. Guess what? They all 
> seemed to use the same key to enable setting the combination. 

Why make it that difficult and complicated?

You can easily and immediately open most combination locks with
vertical wheels on suitcases (and probably those at padlocks). All you
need is a flashlight. 

The wheels are usually a little bit loose. Just shift it to the left
or to the right with your finger tip and use the flashlight to peep
into the gap. You will spot the axis of the wheel. Now turn the wheel
until you see the chamfer pointing directly to you. Proceed with all

If the lock doesn't open, turn all wheel by 180 degree (to digit n+5
mod 10). Some locks need the chamfer up, some need it down to open.

With a little practise and experience it is almost as fast as if you 
knew the combination code.


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