On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 10:36:22PM -0600, Taral wrote:
> I'm just waiting for someone with access to photograph said keys and
> post it all over the internet.

It does not need access to the keys. 

Do you know that car Volkswagen Golf? As far as I know also sold in
the USA. 

In the eighties there was a problem: Many of the had been stolen
without visible force. No broken window, no broken ignition lock.

They finally found the method:

These Golfs had plastic fuel tank caps, which could be easily broken
off by hand. Just grab it, tear it away with force, and you have it.

The tank cap had a lock inside. All you needed to do is to cut the
plastic lock open and to copy the tumbler lengths to a blank key. 
Then you have a working key. 

You could do the same and just open some of these locks, one per key


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