Maybe this is off topic, but I think it does relate to the 
implementation of cryptography.

I stumbled across this filing:

relating to a drug case where the defendant and others used 

What I found interesting was:
1.  The amount of data which Hushmail was required to turn over to 
the US DEA relating to 3 email addresses.  3 + 9 = 12 CDs  What 
kind of and for what length of time does Hushmail store logs?

2.  That items #5 and #15 indicated that the _contents_ of emails 
between several Hushmail accounts were "reviewed".  

3.  The request was submitted to the ISP for IP addresses related 
to a specific hushmail address (#9).  How would the ISP be able to 
link a specific email address to an IP when Hushmail uses SSL/TLS 
for both web and POP3/IMAP interfaces?

Since email between hushmail accounts is generally PGPed.  (That is 
the point, right?)  And the MLAT was used to establish probable 
cause, I assume that the passphrases were not squeezed out of the 
plaintiff.  How did the contents get divulged?


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