On 30 January 2008 17:01, Jim Cheesman wrote:

> James A. Donald:
>>>> SSL is layered on top of TCP, and then one layers
>>>> one's actual protocol on top of SSL, with the result
>>>> that a transaction involves a painfully large number
>>>> of round trips.
> Richard Salz wrote:
>  > Perhaps theoretically painful, but in practice this is
>  > not the case; commerce on the web is the
>  > counter-example.
> James A. Donald:
>> The delay is often humanly perceptible.  If humanly
>> perceptible, too much.
> I respectfully disagree - I'd argue that a short wait is actually more
> reassuring to the average user (Hey! The System's checking me out!) than an
> instantaneous connection would be.

  I also disagree.  It's not like anyone says to themselves "Hey, this website
is taking me several seconds to access - I'll spend a couple of hours
physically going to the shop instead".  It's economics again: what amount of
time or money constitutes "too much" depends what the alternative choices are.

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