On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 02:47:46PM -0500, Victor Duchovni wrote:
> If someone has a faster than 3-way handshake connection establishment
> protocol that SSL could leverage instead of TCP, please explain the
> design.

I don't have one that exists today and is practical.  But we can
certainly imagine possible ways to improve this situation: move parts of
TLS into TCP and/or IPsec.  There are proposals that come close enough
to this (see the last IETF SAAG meeting's proceedings, see the IETF BTNS
WG) that it's not too farfetched, but for web stuff I just don't think
they're remotely likely.

Prior to the advent of AJAX-like web design patterns the most noticeable
latency in web apps was in the server (for dynamic content) and the
client (re-rendering the whole page on every click).  Applying GUI
lessons to the web (asynchrony!  callbacks/closures!) fixed that.

TLS was not to blame.

TLS probably still isn't to blame for whatever latency users might be
annoyed by in web apps.

It's *much* easier to look for improvements in the app layer first given
that web app updates are much easier to deploy than TLS (which in turn
is much easier to deploy than changes to TCP or IPsec).


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